Yamaha D2040 Digital Crossover

Yamaha D2040 is a 2 channel input and 8 (not 6) channel output digital crossover.  The input signal can be either digital AES or Analogy XLR.  Some audiophile use this unit as a digital crossover to drive bi amp, tri amp or quad amp with 4, 6 or 8 speaker systems.  This is a really flexible crossover for use.  The only thing I do not like it is that when I use AES digital input, there is no digital or analogy volume control as a master volume.


This outstanding crossover are still widely used by proaudio due to its good sound.  The DAC are all PCM63P-Y with quite standard op-amp design.  The sound is very good and clear and use many audio grade components inside.  Due to its good performance and flexibility, this unit is still very hard to find and cost $600 to $700 usd.  Oh! the price of this unit may be double soon!


Some internal pictures:

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