D1V33 from Olivier – France

This is some picture and description of the D1V33 kit from Olivier – France to share with DIYers.

– concerning the 24 bits mod. Here find a link to a photo i did. Instead to cut the PCB, solder a wire, i removed the P10 pin and soldered a wire from P10 to the jumper “GND”. Easier for me… http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/download/file.php?id=91284&mode=view

– i put a trigger in my casing. In this way, the DAC switch on automatically when my DIY preamp is on. I like it !

– i connected the GND of your DAC to the earth of the IEC through a 10R (in mine 18R because i was stock out….) 3W resistor. I don’t have any “humm” or any noise with this way

– an finally i put your name on my backplate. 😉

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