Tubes – 12BY7, 12GN7, 12HL7, 12AV7, 6BQ7A, 5670W, 6DJ8, ECC88, E88CC, 6N23P, 6021, 6111 …

Last update: 9th Jan, 2011

Tube evaluation summary in mu stage


Last update: Dec 20, 2010:

Check the link for the evaluation of different tubes in the Mu-stage pre-amp.  Some are good and some are not that good due to microphonic problem.


Last update: Dec 3rd, 2010:

For the pass month in Nov 2010, I acquired lots of tubes from ebay and namely 12BY7, 12GN7, 12HL7, 12AV7, 6BQ7A, 5670W, 6205, 6021, 6111, 6SN7GTB & 5U4GTB.  Mostly NOS but some are used tubes.  The experience on used tube is not that good and thus I only acquire NOS in the later part.  I think the tube can be used for mu-stage or pre-amp used.  The mini tubes is also good for phono stage or micphone pre-amp which will have smaller microphonic problem.

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