FDA-1 PCM1794A DAC with Headphone Buffer (K170/J74 x 6 pairs)

The is a V1 FDA-1 PCM1794A DAC board.  I have implemented a headphone buffer on to it and the result is super!  Details is on the photos.


Features of the buffer:

  1. K170/J74 x 6 pairs is used for each channel.  Idss of matched pairs is at about 6.5mA.
  2. DC supply at +/-20V DC and thus ok to drive high impedance headphones.
  3. Bias of each channel is about 40mA after warm up.
  4. Gain of buffer is x1.  The loudness is high enough for most headphones.
  5. A 100k(A) volume is used for gain reduction at the buffer input.
  6. Only SE DAC is used but the sound is transparent and full of details.

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