hp 1660EP Logic Analyzer – new collection!

HP 1660EP Logic analyzer

I recently acquired this machine for a reasonable price in Singapore.  The set did not bootup properly when received due to hard disk failure.  After replacing the hard disk, the set is able to power up, passed all performance verification tests and function normally.  The model of IBM drive I use is Travelstar DJSA-210 6.0GB.  I also tried one Toshiba 6G harddisk but the 1660EP refuse to detect the harddisk. Thus I strongly recomment only IBM brand hard disk should be used.

There are few difficulties in using this old equipment.  Firstly is to replace a old hard disk with about 2.1G to 4.3G size.  So the only place is to look into old computer shops (local junk yards or ebay).  The machine is able to use only 2GB of the hard disk space even if the original size of HD is larger than 2GB (may be OS/firmware limitation).  Secondly, the software from hp website has to be loaded into the hard disk from the floopy drive.  It is not easy to get diskette and copy the download files onto it.  I manage to get a used IBM USB floopy drive for cheap price and NOS box of floopy diskette to complete the job easily.  Thirdly, the ROM update has to be done by floopy drive and it is not possible to boot up the machine once the ROM data is erased.  Thus do not erase the ROM content if you are not sure if the floopy or floopy drive is working perfectly.  Lastly, if the floopy dirve need to be replaced, the source is from some old notebook drive which can be very cheap at scrap cost.  Model is Teac FD-05HF and the same model is used in those TDS744 series digital oscilloscopes.

Some photos below:

After a bit study, I install a X-server cygwin on my PC and then I can link the 1660EP X-window to my computer screen.  It is not that reliable due to some wild character transfer and breaks the connection. 

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