Lecroy DDA-120 Jitter measurement

I acquired this machine for a month from Seagate Singapore but this set do not have the JTA software option for jitter measurement.  I have asked Lecroy for the cost of JTA option but they want to charge me 5k USD ! Anyway DDA-120 is for disk drive analysis and it has a simple jitter measurement using period@level function.  Also it has period, frequency, sigma and histogram function which is good enough to do some clock signal jitter measurment as below:

 I have also taken some measurements of DAC chips as in attached file.  They are WM8804, CS8416, DIR9001; SRC: CS8421, SRC4192 & AD1896.  The measurement is on the MCLK (master clock) of the DAC FDA-1 in different test version durng development.

Jitter Measurement


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