New FDA-1B Full Balance PCM1794A DIY DAC kit

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This FDA-1B PCM1794A DAC is an upgraded version of the obsolete FDA-1 Single Ended DAC.  FDA-1B has been developing for 1.5 years since FDA-1 was selling. More than 7 version PCBs have been tested before launching to DIYers. It has improved all the weaknesses of FDA-1 and added additional features and functions to enhance the sonic performance and flexibility of the design. Thus it is a more complete and mature design with separate Front Panel control board, I2S input via RJ45 socket and optional ASRC function via daughter board plug-in!


Since it is a DIY DAC and thus most of the parts are selected to be through-hole parts except the ICs and some film capacitors.  In fact most of the film capacitors pad are designed with both SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and TH (Through Hole) pads/holes and thus user can make a change in case better parts is available on hand.  In the I/V section, all TH resistors and some filter capacitors are also provided with a SMT pads in case people want to try the SMT parts.  For the digital section TH resistor pads can also be soldered with a 0805 SMT resistor due to its pitch is 2.54mm. Thus this PCB design is really remarkable and flexible for DIYers to experiment with different types of part for sound tuning!


For the Front Panel control board, it is mainly SMT parts with TH for LEDs and sockets.  Thus it provides a good basic training for all DIYers for SMT soldering.  In fact, SMT parts (with size 0603 and above) are easier and faster to hand solder than TH parts after managing the skills.  What you need is just a 5x magnify glass with stand, small head tweezers, 0.4mm to 0.5mm diameter solder wire and your two stable hands.


New update manual Rev 2: FDA-1B DAC Manual_r2a

This file help to locate all difficult to find resistors, capacitors and diodes: 15c-Part_Location

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Here is some photos of the FDA-1B DAC kit.

Note that ONE type of I2S input daughter board with RJ45 socket will be provided free.  There are 3 type RJ45 pin assignment boards that can be selected during order – Fetaudio, Kingrex and M2Tech.

The pin assignment can be found in attached document:


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