New FDA-1B ASRC Board

The daughter board is to be used with FDA-1B DAC.  It can use two chips – SRC4192 or AD1896.  Note that the price of this FDA-1B ASRC board is HK$800 (about US$100).  It will be fully assembled and tested before shipment.


With SRC4192 chip, the output sample frequency can be set to 48k, 96k or 192k by two jumpers.  With AD1896 chip, the output sample frequency can be selected at 96k, 48k or 32k.


An XO with frequency 24.576MHz is used as the master clock in the ASRC board.  Through hole type DIP or 5x7mm SMT type XO can be soldered on the pcb but a DIP XO will be provided by default as shown above.  Only 3v3 XO can be used.


Circuit: FDA-1B ASRC Ckt

Jitter measurement is show in below 3 charts for SRC4192 chips:



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