WM8804 to CS8412 converter board for D1V3 & D1V33 new upgrade

I have sold hundreds of D1V3 & D1V33 few years ago but I have not forgot continue support for this classical DAC using the best R2R PCM63 DAC chips and Jfet IV common gate topology.  There is a new life to the old classic DAC if you upgrade the receiver from CS8412, CS8414, or DIR9001 to WM8804 which many diyers as well as hi-end audio professionals are all agreed to its best sound performance.  Now this WM8804 to CS8412 converter board is available for sales for just HK$250 net (about US$32).  It is fully assembled and tested with no extra shipping and paypal fee.  I believe it is the best news for all D1V3 and D1V33 users as well as other DAC users because this converter board can output 4 digital modes and thus it can meet most DAC technical needs.

16-bit Right-Justified Mode
24-bit Left-Justified Mode
24-bit I2S
16-bit I2S

Please take note that there is a chance that this converter may not work perfectly or even not working in other DAC platform as there is no 100% compatibility due to different chips in different time of history.  But as usual, I shall advise my best guess after reviewing the DAC circuit before you buy and provide remote trouble shoot support as usual.  So take your own risk when using this in other DAC and I will not accept any return unless the converter is DOA.

Technical details: WM8804 to CS8412 Converter Board Technical Details 3

8804_8412 circuit diagram

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