RX-V8 Interface Board from “Amanero USB-I2S module” to FDA-1B or FDA-2A DAC

The interface board is used to connect the Amanero Combo384 (http://www.amanero.com/) USB-I2S module to FDA-1B or FDA2A with TOTAL Isolation of the power supply and ground for both I2S bus and control signals.
With this interface board and Amanero Combo384 (buy separately from Amanero), FDA-1B and FDA-2A will have a input options of USB with 24 bit/ 192k Sample frequency capability. 

Price is as below:

1. PCB only: HK$100 (about US$13).  (BOM and Circuit will be provided after order)

2. Fully Assembled board (please specify FDA-1B or FDA-2A use): HK$400 (about US$50).

3. Shipping cost will be HK$31 and paypal fee add 5% on top. This will be waived if brought with the DAC kit FDA-1B or FDA-2A.


Jitter measurement with FDA-2A DAC and the result is EXCELLENT:

RX-V8 Jitter


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