D1V1 was the first revision of clone NP D1 DAC.  It has CS8412 or CS8414 (on daughter board) digital receiver, no 2nd PLL, SM5842 digital filter, 4 x PCM63 in balance mode and Jfet IV (not mosfet IV).  All regulators were using normal 78/79 series 3 pin regulator ICs in digital and DAC section.  Two discrete low noise regulators were used in the Jfet IV section.  This DAC was made as a trial version on jfet IV back in 2007.  The benchmark of this DAC at the time was a Lite DA-50 DAC with PCM63P-K and 6922 tube IV.  This D1V1 won the Lite DAC in smoothness of sound, noise level and image.

Silkscreen Top view:

D1V3 Silk top

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