Mu-Stage Preamp Tube

This is a tube pre-amp using Mu-Stage.  It use 6DJ8 + 12BY7 mu-stage and 5Z3P rectifier tubes.  I use lot of chokes inside also and good Jenson capacitors.  The casing is 100% aluminium and is self make one.

Update Sep 22, 2010:

I have upgraded the internal capacitor using some Russian PIO capacitors like KBG-I 0.01u, K40Y-9 0.22u and MBGO 0.25u.  The sound become more transparent!  Now this preamp is a good match for the OCL PCM1794A DAC!  It introduces all the taste of tube on the sound. 

See last two pictures above.

I also attached the reference document for this Mu-Stage pre-amp.  I use the circuit in the last figure on page 9.  Enjoy!

Mu Stage Reference Document

I also take a FFT measurement as below: Output at 2Vrms 1kHz, filter 20 to 30kHz BW.

FFT measurement mu-stage preamp SE

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