MBL 8006 clone

This is a clone kit from China.  It is a class AB amp and the clone is only for the power amp part.  The measured result shows a very good design amplifier!

  1. Gain: 18x
  2. Supply Voltage +/-50V; with 36V x 2 AC transformer
  3. Distortion at 1W 8.2ohm: 0.0044% 30kBW
  4. Current drain at idle: 160/153mA.
  5. Current drain at 1W output: 260/253mA
  6. Op-amp: 4.5mA
  7. 470 ohm resistor: 1.75mA
  8. 33 ohm resistor: 24mA
  9. Output offset: 0.8mV
  10. Current diode is 2mA 100V, metal can

1W 8 ohm fft with hp ps

50W 8 ohm fft with 500va

MBL distortion vs input level

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