Squeezebox Classic

This is the version 3 of Squeezebox (SB3) and I can get it about 1,500 HKD in Mongkok computer center, Hong Kong.

This network player must be used with a computer or a NAS (network attached storage).  I use both as I have a old Qnap TS-201 NAS.  This is really a pain to install the squeezecenter in the Qnap as there is no more support from Qnap.  Finally I get it done with the help of the link here.


The SB3 has both optical and SPDIF (RCA) out plus a two channel analogy output.  I do not use the analogy out put but only the digital input and my D1V3 or D1V33 DAC.  I have modified the SB3:

  1. Outbox 5V 1.5A linear regulator to replace the stock switch mode power adapter.
  2. Add 3.3V regulator for CPLD and HCU04 ICs which hopefully can improve the jitter of SPDIF signal.
  3. Sync one of the clock to CPLD (11.2896MHz) from outside DAC – D1V3 via a SMA coaxial cable.
  4. Finally I settle with a XO to replace outside clock due to flexibility of my DAC to receive different sampling frequency from 32kHz to 96kHz.

Ok, the sound!

I would say SB3 is very good relative to normal CD/DVD Player (I have Marantz DV7600 and Yamaha DVD S2300MKII) or low cost transport.  Compare to CD-PRO2, it lack the lower bass authority.  Other than lower frequency, I think the SB3 is very good in mid and high frequencies.  This is a real bargain if you use it to replace your CD transport!

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