Yamaha DA202 DA Converter

Update on Nov 12, 2009:

FFT measurement:

DA202 FFT 16 vs 20bit 44.1kHz

DA202 FFT 16bit -10dbFS

DA202 FFT 16 vs 18bit -80dbFS

 So you can see the noise floor is not great at about -110dbV.

Last update on Sep 11, 2008:

This is a professional DAC made by Yamaha back in 1988.  It was made for the DMP7D digital mixer in the same period using PCM56P-K x 2 and IC op-amps JRC 2068 and NE5532.  Yamaha use a custom IC YM3023 to switch the 16bit DAC into 18bit. The digital receiver chip is Yamaha YM3623B.  The power supply is a linear regulator.

DA202 Spec

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