PlayonHD – Eaget Media Player

Whether A.C. Ryan or Eaget brand, this HD Media player is very similar.  Eaget is the China brand while AC Ryan is selling outside China.  The player can house one max 2T hard disk and it can playback almost every video or audio format found!  My set is a Eaget which cost me about US$150.  The only difference between PlayonHD is the remote control and I have tested that the PlayonHD firmware is able to be used in the Eaget set.  But I think I need a Playon remote to control the Eaget set as the key on Eaget remote is nto function accordingly.

You can use this cheap player to replace your transport and put all music file into the internal hard disk.  There is high potential for media player to replace CD player or Transport.  At this moment, only small brand are making lots of this players but I believe the big name is going to sell some better design media player in near future.

It uses a Realtek chipset and everything is done by this chipset even the digital output signal is directly from the chipset!  Thus nothing much can be modified inside!

As a digital source, it sound really ok with such a low investment!  The only thing I don’t like is that you must connect it to a TV so that you can search in the hard disk folder to select and play your music!  It is really a product for Video only.

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