All Jfet Buffer Balance Line Amp

This is also Borbely Erno Design Jfet Buffer and I use this to make my pre-amp.  I use two low noise regulator and 4 buffer module to become a full balance pre-amp.  The sound is very good and distortion is also very low.  I have tried to use a transistor second stage but the sound become aggressive and harsh.  Thus all Jfet is my choice!

Jfet buffer Circuit

Jfet regulator Circuit *updated on Dec 23, 2009*

Jfet Buffer PCB Errors *updated on Jan 15, 2010*

FFT jfet buffer xlr log at 2V

FFT jfet buffer xlr log at 10V

Update on Oct 20:  After redo a bit on the wiring of power supply and put a NTC from star ground to the casing, the distortion has improved to below 0.0001% at 10Vrms output balance mode.  Distortion is also very low at 0.0026% at 1Vrms output.  The good thing about this pre-amp is that the higher the output level, the lower distortion it will be.

Some FFT measurement after improvement:

FFT jfet buffer xlr at 1V

FFT jfet buffer xlr at 10V

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