PCM1794A DAC – Hardwire version PCM1794

This is the PCM1794A DAC I am working on with 24bit/192k digital input format.  Thus it is good for computer, media player or CD/DVD player as digital source.

The basic structure is CS8416, PCM1794A, Discrete transistor IV/buffer, super regulator for IV and 5V/3.3V regulator ICs for digital circuit.  This is a hard wired version and measurement is done with very good results.

1. Distortion: Around 0.02% at 1kHz, 30k BW, 1.45Vrms output level

2. Frequency Response: -0.07dB at 20kHz, 20Hz to 20kHz BW

The transistor IV is a common base with class A buffer and no feedback design.  The output is OCL (output capacitor less) and this ensure very smooth sound and good dynamics of music.

Measurement Results:

D-A FFT DAC 1794 set 2 lin lite

D-A FFT DAC 1794 set 2 FR and Dist lite

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