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Audient ID4 tear down photos + Presonus R65 monitor speaker

Friday, October 14th, 2016

The USB interface only use USB power to work!  AKM DAC and good OPA op-amp.  Xmos DSP for USB interface.  Sound better than Lexicon IO22 to me.  I use a Presonus R65 and it sounds very good for a recording system under window.

The ID input use a Jfet J112 from Fairchild.  The output use two pairs of  BC327 and BC337 to drive the output.

Its bigger brother ID14 and ID22 use burr brown ADDAC but this little brother only use the AKM parts.  Cheap and good for this price point USB interface.

Lexicon IO22 internal Photos

Friday, October 14th, 2016

This USB interface has two mic input, two analogy output and one headphone out.  The master volume is big and easy to control.  The case is die cast and special design for this model.  The case is warm when using due to the internal DC converter inductors heating up a lot!  PCB design is good but I do not like the layout.  All the analogy is on one board and the USB interface and DSP is on other board and only link by a flex cable between them for all the analogy signal.  Thus the distance of signal travel is quite long and easy pick up noise.  Overall sound is ok but not the best USB interface I own.

BSS BLU-160 Signal Processor BLU LINK for Sales (second set also SOLD)

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

For sales second set BSS Blu-160 signal processor S/N 03000583.  Fully working and get from local theatre of government sales.  Set with no major visual defect and as show in pictures.

Come with two analogy input cards and two analogy output cards.  Total 8 input and 8 output analogy channels.  Firmware updated to 86.20.02.

Price is SGD$1300 (about US$935, please pay SGD and only accept paypal) including shipping to worldwide by Speedpost of Sinpost.  For Singapore buyer, it will be S$180 less.  Note that it will be well packed to protect the set to arrive safely.

Email me for any question.

BSS BLU-160 Signal Processor Blu link for sales (SOLD)

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

For Sales a BSS BLU-160 signal processor recently removed from a local theater in Singapore.  It is working fine and updated to firmware 86.02.02.  It come with two input and two output analogy cards thus with total 8 input and 8 output channels.

Picture are the units and I am selling it for S$1050 or US$750.  Shipping will be additional US$100 by EMS for overseas.  Additional picture can be provided.  Used and is good working conditions.  Only have some scratches due to rack mount before but no big deal.

This is the machine to use for JBL M2 and 7 series monitor speakers.  Interested please send mail to me.

Yamaha D2040 Digital Crossover

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Yamaha D2040 is a 2 channel input and 8 (not 6) channel output digital crossover.  The input signal can be either digital AES or Analogy XLR.  Some audiophile use this unit as a digital crossover to drive bi amp, tri amp or quad amp with 4, 6 or 8 speaker systems.  This is a really flexible crossover for use.  The only thing I do not like it is that when I use AES digital input, there is no digital or analogy volume control as a master volume.


This outstanding crossover are still widely used by proaudio due to its good sound.  The DAC are all PCM63P-Y with quite standard op-amp design.  The sound is very good and clear and use many audio grade components inside.  Due to its good performance and flexibility, this unit is still very hard to find and cost $600 to $700 usd.  Oh! the price of this unit may be double soon!


Some internal pictures: