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300B Tube

Thursday, February 13th, 2003

Everyone should own a 300B amplifier once in a life!  I am one of them.  This is quite a big and costy project and I use all the good stuff that I can afford at the time – Lundahl transformers, choke, Jensen Cap, Elna caps, Multi-cap, Rifa cap, telfon wires and Full Music 300B tube etc…  Total spend on that is about US$1200!

Full music tube is lack of bass.  Recently I buy a Quiguang 4300B and the bass is much better and firm.  The 4300B cost about US$120 per pair.  I think 300B to drive mid and high frequency is one of the best sound amplifier!

Update: Oct 1st, 2010

The 300B was upgraded with Russian PIOs, see first picture.  FFT measurement is attached below:

FFT 300B final