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Yamaha DA2X DA Converter

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Update on Nov 12, 2009:

FFT measurement:

DA2X FFT 16_20bit 0dbFS

DA2X FFT 20bit 0dbFS Log

DA2X FFT 20bit -80dbFS Log

From the meausrement, you can see this is a very good DAC and the distortion as well as noise floor is very low!

Last update on Aug 15, 2008:

This DAC has all the good design inside.  I believe Yamaha try to build one of the best sound DAC at the time back in 1990.  This DAC give you the life in music but I feel the “Sss” sound is a bit over drive in high frequency.  It use Sanya OS-con as the op-amp power supply decouple and I am not too sure if the high frequency glare is due to that!  For the op-amp, I think Ti NE5532 may sound better as Yamaha switch to this brand after this model.

  1. SPDIF/AES input using YM3436
  2. Second PLL using Fujisu VCXO
  3. Yamaha YSF210B digital filter and sample converter
  4. Philips SAA7350 x 2 pcs 1 bit converter
  5. Philips TDA1547 x 2 pcs 1 bit DAC chips
  6. Op-amp filters and buffer – JRC2114, JRC5532
  7. Nichicon, Elna, Sanyo OS-con, Soshin, Panasonic Electrolytic or film capacitors
  8. RMA or Film resistors for signal path
  9. Linear power supply and regulators

DA2X Specifications