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D1V3 DAC from David – HK

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Hi! Spencer: My D1V3 complete. I order the kit in 2008.02 but 2009.09 start assembly. I use 4-PCM1702UK, DIR9001 and SM5842AP.
I buy 2 round transformers from Shenzhen, but when I do test the transformers all burnt ! so I buy 2 from Wha Fei. The FC 1000uf foot print bigger than the PCB. I make a out side power supply.
I go to Chaiwan a steel shop cut and bend the steel sheet (thickness 1mm) for the chassis.  I pay HKD100.00. Then I open the connector holes, brush paint.
The DAC is good sound more detail, compare to my DAC3 – PCM1732 with HDCD (from Taiwan DIYZONE.NET).
Thank you for provide this good kits and your help during my assembly.  I am an old man and have family work.  So take long time to complete the DAC.  David

Update on Dec 27, 2009: Spencer: I replaced the PCM63 to my D1 V3 make some adjustment . Today play music all day. The PCM63 is better bass and more detail. . Thank you . David

Yamaha F1030 – B1 Active Crossover idea

Friday, December 11th, 2009

I do not have this equipment but I only have this service manual.  The manual is useful as a analogy active crossover using Buffer stages.  I have attached the circuit diagram of this crossover here and you can use the NP B1 buffer to replace the transistor buffer and then you will get a good B1 active crossover.

I have not tried B1 active crossover using this design yet as I do not need a crossover at this moment.

There is a diyaudio discussion about B1 active crossover @diyaudio.

F1030 circuit here:

F1030 Circuit1