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AD1955+WM8804/5 SE DAC – launching soon!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

This is a single ended DAC using AD1955 DAC and WM8804/5 receiver.  Here are some photos of different versions:

V1.0: FDA-1B with AD1955 DAC chip hardwired on a SSOP board.

V2.0: WM8804 + AD1955 with 3 digital input and one I2S.

V2.1: WM8804 + AD1955 with 4 digital input and one I2S.

V3.0: WM8805 + AD1955 with 4 digital input and one I2S.

V3.1: To be made soon.

On the V3.0, some jitter is measured and the result is quite good.  See attached pdf document:


Note that there are connectors at both the AD1955 and WM8805 chips for the control bus and thus software mode can be turn on if necessary.  This DAC board is really flexible for future expansion. DSD bus socket is also reserved for the AD1955 (SCLK, DSD-Left, DSD-Right, DSD-Phase).  Thus this DAC board is able to experiment on DSD input and also mono mode of AD1955 if a software controller is available.