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FDA-2A AD1955-WM8805 DAC kit launched now

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Major highlights:

1. Use AD1955 and WM8805 key parts with single end output.

2. Same super sound discrete IV converter used in the FDA-1, & FDA-1B.

3. Natively support up to 24bit/96k with NOS module.  Support 24bit/192k with AD1896 ASRC module (sell separately).

4. Maximum 4 digital input and one I2S input (total 5).  Default control board provided will control total 4 inputs only (either 3 digital + 1 I2S or 4 digital input).

5. Compatible with many USB2.0 24bit/192 modules: Tested Xmos reference design and Amanero USB2.0 to I2S module.  Interface board to Amanero USB2.0 to I2S  module with or without “Isolator” will be released soon.

6. Control bus for AD1955, WM8805 and other signals are provided for future expansion into fully software mode.

7. DSD input bus is provided for future upgrade.

Details in the manual below:

1955V3_1DAC Manual_r1

Go to Store page if you want to buy this kit :