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Sales update

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

22 Jan 2017


Toshiba Mosfet 2SK1530-Y/2sJ201-Y pairs for sales: (Available NOW)

NNN-PPP 3 pairs, match NNN and PPP only: HK$600.  AVAILABLE

NNNN-PPPP 4 pairs, match NNNN and PPPP only: HK$800. AVAILABLE

Note that there is no NP match for above prices but those order early may have Limited stock.



Toshiba K170BL – only 6.5mA to 9mA (HK$100 for 4 pcs)

Toshiba J74BL – 6.4 to 10mA (HK$110 each pc); >10.5 to 11.2mA (HKD$75 each pc)

Toshiba K170 / J74 pair HK$150 each pair (6.8 to 10mA).  Limited stock!

Note all jfets can be matched to maximum 4 pcs in one group of same channel type.  Example NNNN, PPPP, NNPP, and NNNNPPPP.  All within 0.2mA Idss tolerance.

Thank you for all the support!  Any query, please ask.