Due to extensive travelling of my day time job, I can only sell these jfets below.  Shipping will be delayed and normally I can only ship once a week.

Toshiba K170BL – only 6.5mA to 9mA (HK$100 for 4 pcs)

Toshiba J74BL – 6.4 to 9.8mA (HK$110 each pc); 9.9 to 11.2mA (HKD$75 each pc)

Toshiba K170 / J74 pair HK$150 each pair (6.8 to 10mA).

Note all jfets can be matched to maximum 4 pcs in one group of same channel type.  Example NNNN, PPPP, NNPP, and NNNNPPPP.  All within 0.2mA Idss tolerance.

Thank you for all the support!



1.0 FDA-2A AD1955-WM8805 DAC kit (launched on Sept 14th) (NOT Available)

Price : HK$1,550 (about US$200) inclusive all paypal fee and worldwide postage by registered airmail.



1.1. FDA-1B Full Balance PCM1794A DIY DAC KIT (NOT available)

NEW Price : HK$3,100; (about US$399) inclusive all worldwide postage and paypal fee.  Postage is by registered airmail to worldwide will take average 2 to 3 weeks.


SMD parts on main board will be pre-soldered.  For front panel control board, only one SMD IC (SSOP type) will be pre-soldered.  The DAC will work from RCA SPDIF input even the front panel control board is not plugged in.


After fully assembled the kit, it will look like below picture.  Plug in the transformer (not included) and the DAC will work by itself.

Refer to Manual for details:

To complete the DAC kit, you need to buy a case, transformer and related AC connector and switch at your own cost. Note that the transformer required for FDA-1 full balance version and FDA-1B are the same.

As before, any assembly problem or query will be supported by email within 48 hrs.

More details :


ASRC daughter board can be found in below link. Only fully assembled and tested unit will be sold at HK$400;  (about US$50).  Please add this option to your order if you are interested.


2.0. Toshiba 2SJ74BL and 2SK170BL match pair for sales: (NEW PRICES from 1st Nov, 2013) 


  1. 2sk170BL/J74BL match pair HK$120/pair (Pair = K170 x 1pc  and J74 x 1 pc)  (about US$16). Idss 6.4 to 9mA only.
  2. 2SJ74BL : HK$160/pair (about US$22 – 2 pcs) or HK$320/quad (about US$44 – 4 pcs). Idss 6.4 to 11mA.
  3. 2SK170BL match quad : HK$100 (about US$13 – 4 pcs). Idss 6.4 to 9mA only. 
  4. Note that Idss of K170 at 10mA and above is basically not available.  If found, the price is HKD$100 each.
  5. Unmatch will be same price as match above.  Only BL grade of above jfets are available.

Shipping is HK$35 (US$4.5) to worldwide by registered airmail and paypal fee 5.5% (4.5% for purchase amount >= HK$500). All matched within 0.2mA Idss @ 10Vdc.  Maximum match is 4 pcs K170 and 4 pcs J74 with same idss match together in one group.  Note that the temperature at measurement is about 28 to 30 degC in Singapore.


3.0. SSOP28 to DIP28 converter board for sales: US$1 (Available)

Details refer to here:


4.0. WM8804 to CS8412 Converter Board for D1V3, D1V33 and other DAC: HK$250 (Available)



5.0 Toshiba Mosfet 2SK1530-Y/2sJ201-Y pairs for sales: (Not available)

N-P pair unmatch: HK$100 (about US$13). Limited stock.

NN-PP 2 pairs, match NN and PP only: HK$320 (old price HK240). Not available.

NNN-PPP 3 pairs, match NNN and PPP only: HK$480 (old price HK360). Not available.

NNNN-PPPP 4 pairs, match NNNN and PPPP only: HK$800 (old price HK480). Not available.

Note that there is no NP match for sales.  Limited stock only.

MUR3020W for sales: HK$12 each, shipping and paypal fee extra. (Not available)


6.0 RX-V8 interface Board for FDA-1B and FDA-2A using Amanero USB Combo384

(from Nov 1st, 2012) Not available

1. PCB only: HK$100 (about US$13).  (BOM and Circuit will be provided after order)

2. Fully Assembled board (please specify FDA-1B or FDA-2A use): HK$400 (about US$50).

Shipping cost will be HK$31 and paypal fee add 5% on top.

Note that the Amanero Combo384 is NOT included in this sales.


7.0 2SK1529/2SJ200 & 2SK1058/2SJ162 matched pairs for sales: (Available)

(from Nov 13, 2012)

1. N-P pair HK$80 each.

2. NN-PP match set HK$200 each.

3. NNN-PPP match set HK$300 each.

4. Note there is no N to P match.  The match above is only NN, NNN, PP, or PPP match.  Tolerance 6mV or below at 10V/100mA.  Note that the Toshiba and Hitachi parts are with different pin assignment.  I think it is very good power mosfet for F5 or headphone amp output stage use.  Limited stock for each group only.  Shipping and paypal not included in above price.


8.0 F5T Turbo Kit for sales: (See home page)


Price for full kits is HKD$1473 (two channels) and details refer to the doc below for other options:


Other details:


If you want to buy any thing here, please email to (primary),, or  In case you do not get my reply in 2 days, please use other address and try again.  

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